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Disorganizing Knowledge

Fri, October 9, 12:00 to 1:45pm, Sheraton Centre, Pine

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In what ways is nation a category of sexuality? How is sexuality "about" race? How is the Caribbean a site of Asiatic racialization? In what ways is knowledge production (en)gendered, and with what effects? How can the knowledge protocols that correlate with the pedagogy of mastery that continues to characterize the academy be refused and refuted? How, in other words, can we address and counter the administration of knowledge vis-a-vis its regulation through received and often disciplinary protocols of research and scholarship? Across these distinctive inquiries, which briefly and variously characterize the work of the participants in this session, is a common concern with generating and pursuing politically engaged critical inquiry in ways that are misaligned with the legacies of the disciplinary and field coverage models organizing academic knowledge production.

This session is designed to address such matters, specifically by focusing inquiry in and through the construct and practice of "the archive." Whose documents and what kind of evidence "counts"? What questions can be asked, and by whom and in what context, are issues central to politically engaged interdisciplinary inquiry; these are, this session suggests, matters that thinking in terms of archives can help us address. Drawing on and contributing to the critical and theoretical attention to archives brought to bear by feminist, queer, and other scholars working in and out of minoritarian discourses, this session asks whether and how the practices and politics of archival research are related to the illumination and understanding of both misery and resistance, conceptualized in accord with the annual meeting's theme, as categories of social analysis..

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