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Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Academic Labor, Austerity, and Authoritarianism

Fri, November 9, 10:00 to 11:45am, Westin Peachtree, Sixth, Chastain 1 (Sixth)

Session Submission Type: Non-Paper Session: Professional Development Format


With the acceleration of racist state repression, resurgent nationalism, and intensified gendered violence, our work as American Studies scholars has become more critical and also more vulnerable than ever. This session is designed to address new pedagogical and professional questions emerging in this perilous moment. Co-organized by the Critical Ethnic Studies Caucus and the Marxism Caucus, this professional development panel will curate an urgent conversation about "Academic Labor, Austerity, and Authoritarianism." Our goal is to map the contemporary challenges facing American Studies scholars, with a particular emphasis on the impact facing students, contingent faculty, unemployed American Studies scholars, and junior faculty. In keeping with the theme of this year’s conference, we seek to highlight and discuss the imaginative alternatives emerging from scholar-activists who engage with university as a crucial site of struggle.

This panel is organized in a non-traditional format. We will begin with thirteen invited speakers, who will take a “minute on the mic” to raise brief questions in their respective domains. We will then use the remaining session time for moderated breakout group discussions, followed by a broader report-back on next steps, with the hopes of generating the beginnings of a statement on academic labor, drawing on the ASA labor statement, with expanded guidelines based on the work discussed during the session. This session involves representatives of multiple caucuses and is co-sponsored by the Student Committee and the Disability Studies committee.

This is a sponsored Critical Ethnic Studies Panel

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