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Welcome to the XI International Transformative Learning Conference
Theme Spaces of Transformation and Transformation of Space

Location Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Date Friday, October 24 – Sunday, October 26, 2014

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The aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity for the expanding community of students, practitioners and researchers who use transformative learning theories to reinterpret the nature and influence of contemporary challenges that affect our commons through the context of space.

In transformative learning we explore the taken for granted dimensions of our lives and how these impact our relationships, emotions, and ways of knowing. Therefore space, and its unexplored assumptions, provides fertile ground for this conference.

We seek to create a dynamic opportunity for all of us to engage individual and collective experiences of political, economic, social, psychological, spiritual, cultural, physical, and ecological spaces—as well as liminal spaces or spaces in which boundaries are crossed or blurred.

We invite you to come together in community through authentic engagement with other scholars and practitioners who care about the transformative potential of learning. Participants will focus on transformative learning at individual, group, community, organizational, institutional and societal levels by exploring the multiple facets of space. Keynote speakers and plenary sessions will center on the conference theme.

We invite you to submit proposals in four categories: paper presentations, experiential sessions, symposia and roundtables.

Our theme will center on spaces of transformation and transformation of space, but proposals are invited on all dimensions of research, theory and practice dealing with transformative learning. Led by a group of conference presenters and leaders, participants will collaboratively explore a diversity of perspectives on transformative learning and the various contexts where it may occur. The conference will envision future possibilities for transformative learning while appreciating existing contributions.

English is the official language of the conference. Proposals and abstracts for papers, experiential sessions, symposia and roundtables must be submitted in English.
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