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UCEA 2015
The 2015 Call for Proposals is now available for viewing. Hosted in San Diego, this year’s theme "Re-Imagining the Frontiers of Education: Leadership With/In Transnational & Transcultural Spaces" highlights the Convention location near the California-Mexico border and draws attention to the border spaces that exist within the field, between both scholars and practitioners and among communities present in and around schools.

To address the 2015 Convention theme, we invite submissions that (a) offer analyses of leadership and education in transnational and transcultural settings; (b) examine how we define and prepare school and district leaders to support justice, equity, and quality in PK-12 schools; (c) identify policy priorities and leadership practices that prioritize developing socially-just leaders; and (d) support advocacy work with/in communities marginalized by existing research and policy paradigms. We look forward to receiving your proposal submissions. Please note – the proposal submission process will open April 6th, 2015 and will close on May 8th, 2015 at midnight EST.
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