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UCEA 2023

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The 37th Annual UCEA Convention will be held November 16–18, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The purpose of this convention is to engage in discussions about research, policy, practice, and preparation with relevance for equity and leadership toward sustainability. The 2023 Convention Program Committee members are Lisa Bass (North Carolina State University), Darrius Stanley (University of Minnesota), Zorka Karanxha (University of South Florida), Daniel Moraguez (Florida State University), Mario Jackson (North Carolina State University)(, and Karl Gildner (UCEA Events Manager).

The 37th annual UCEA Convention theme, A Call to Action: Imagining a Hard Reset in Educational Leadership, is an opportunity to share and coconstruct knowledge, reflect, and react. We are reminded daily that we continue to live in unprecedented times. Our current social and political conditions are coming together to create a storm of uncertainty, fear, and doubt in many, which are manifesting as a mental health crisis, a social political crisis, and economic upheaval. These conditions trickle down into U.S. school systems and show up as underperforming inequitable schools. To extend the metaphor of a hard reset, we consider how a reset is used in technology. Systems are reset when they crash or are clogged. In short, a phone or a computer may reach a point where it is no longer operational and must be shut off and restarted. We see this connection to the current state of our nation and education systems. We have come to a point where systems are no longer functioning. consider our state and adjust policies, practices, procedures, and dispositions to position school systems and students for success.

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