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San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, California 24-27 June 2010
To submit, please read the following:

First, you must create a user name and password and basic profile. Then, you will proceed to submit your proposal. If you are submitting an individual paper, please upload a combined paper proposal and CV, since only one upload per submission is allowed in the system. If you are on a panel, the panel organizer must gather all of the individual papers and panelists' CVs in one combined document to upload. If you are submitting a panel, please do not use the individual CV function. Please note if a document needs to be changed, the old document will be overwritten.

If you are the organizer of your panel, you will list your information first. You then have the option to add other presenters, chairs and discussants to the sessions. When you are submitting panel or roundtable sessions, for example, go to the page that says "current session participants." This is where you "build" your session with papers and participants. The first thing you will notice is that the system is identifying you as the "session organizer" since you are the one submitting the panel. Type in your last name then click the "search by last name" button. When your name appears below, you will see links in the action column to the right where you can add yourself in these roles to the panel. If you serve multiple roles, just search your name again in step #2 and add yourself in another role.

Everyone must have an account in the system if they want to be a participant. You may notice that if you search for a name on your panel or roundtable that
does not have an account, you have the option to add an account on that person's behalf. See the link that says "add unlisted participant" at the bottom of the page.

If you get stuck, please refer to the help tab in the upper right corner of each page.

Gender in World History
The Pacific in World History

The World History Association invites proposals from scholars and teachers around the world for panels (up to 3 panelists, one chair, and one discussant), single papers, and roundtables (between 4 to 5 participants) on topics related to the scholarly and/or pedagogical aspects of the conference's themes, "Gender in World History" and "The Pacific in World History." The Program Committee encourages mixed panels composed of K-12 teachers, university professors, and independent scholars in which cutting-edge scholarship is presented and then discussed as to how it might be introduced into the classroom, as well as panels devoted to research in progress and sessions dealing with the current scholarship of "big issues" in world history and how these issues might be brought to the classroom. The committee also invites proposals for sessions in which all papers and commentary have been posted on the WHA website in advance and the entire session is devoted to open discussion of the issues raised.

Priority will be given to full panel submissions, but individual papers will be considered, and if accepted will be placed into panels put together by the Program Committee. Papers and proposed panels that do not fit into the conference themes will be considered and might be accepted, as space allows.

Each proposal should include: a 250-word abstract of each paper, a curriculum vitae for each participant, and a statement noting how each paper makes an original contribution to scholarship or pedagogy. Audio-visual support is exceedingly costly. Please make A/V requests only if absolutely necessary. This will also help prevent the inevitable mechanical problems. As always, handouts are welcome. Proposals must be submitted using the forms and guidelines available on this site.

Guidelines for panel organizers, paper presenters, commentators, and chairs should be read with care and followed. Please note the strict 20-minute time limit for paper presentations.


Due to the need for early notification and travel planning, no proposal will be accepted after the deadline. Presenters must register for the conference by 15 April 2010 to be included in the program, and be a current member of the World History Association. Membership to the WHA can be completed at the same time as conference registration. Please take a moment at this time to register for this conference and WHA membership if you have not already done so.

The Nineteenth Annual World History Association Conference begins with registration and a reception on June 24. Panel sessions and other conference-related activities commence June 25 and continue to midday on the 27th. Information regarding accommodations, registration, keynote speakers, and related issues can be found on the WHA conference website that can be accessed from the main website:

If you have further questions, please contact The WHA at
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